Management And Staff

It is a pleasure to introduce our Management, administration and support staff. They are a close team of highly professional and experienced people. The school’s day-to-day operations and safety rely heavily on each and everyone within the group. From our security staff, cleaning crew, canteen personnel to our managers of administration, we are thankful for their dedication and continuous service Al Fauzien Islamic School and it's Community
Community Management And Staff mngmt

Primary Teachers

The teachers within our Primary school come from a wide range of backgrounds. Our teachers are fully qualified teaching professionals with many years of experience. These qualifications of course begin with a teaching degree. All teachers are well versed in the Primary Years Programme and receive regular in-school and regional professional development to ensure they stay up to date with the best practice in teaching and learning. Our teachers develop a close bond with the school and generally choose to stay for several years. This allows us to ensure a consistent and high-quality programme for all of our students.
Community Primary Teachers primary

PG - Kiddy Teachers

Playgroup teachers play a crucial role in Children development. With music and games, they help maximise Children'slearning capability, introduce them to new experiences and help them build up social skills.
Therefore Our playgroup teachers are passionate about children.They are well prepared to designs courses for them.
The playgroup teachers are patient and must always be helpful both to children and their parents. They are communicative and understand childhood development better and learn how to handle even younger students. They are also taught how to design appropriate games and develop young children's skills.
Community PG  Kiddy Teachers pg kiddy

Parents Supportive Group

The PSG is a partnership organisation between parents and the school. All parents are automatically members. The PSG is run by a committee that is elected by the members. The main objective of the PSG is to facilitate communication and collaboration between parents and the school in activities and matters that support the school's vision and mission.

PSG programmes include:

Monthly Recitation for Parents.
Social activities.
Class parents, who provide support for class teachers and class activities.
Special events that supports school events, such as Fun Trip, sports carnivals, religious celebrations and special programmes such as Book Week, Cultural Week, Science Week and Family Fun Day
Community Parents Supportive Group primary psg
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