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PG-Kiddy Al Fauzien is using early childhood education curriculum modified and enriched with the typical curriculum of Al Fauzien, which adopted from a wide range of curriculum that focuses on active learning and fun.

All the activities are designed related to the theme they are studying.

English Languages is introduced in the Play Group as the part of the development of languages.

Two teachers of Kiddy Full English Class (FEC) using a full English in the whole process of activities except when discussing the matter of religion, Art, and Indonesian Language when they will use Bahasa as their native language.

Play is a powerful and effective activity, that"s why playgroup and Kiddy offer a thematic approach in teaching. The "learning through play" approach encourages self-expression and creativity through meaningful Programmess like music, movement and games, physical, arts and craft, and a variety of activities.
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Our curriculum provides our students to view their world with understanding, sensitivity and fairness.

We want students to understand how human beings build their cultures, how they value their past, present and future, and how they impact the environment.

We also want children to develop the ability to solve problems and recognize the need, value and appropriateness of sharing and co-operation as world citizens, valuing our differences and our similarities as human beings as a reflection of our student profile which applies our school motto Creative, Care, Tolerant.

For Primary Level, we are still using The School-Based Curriculum (KTSP) in preparing to transform into National Curriculum 2013 for the 2017 - 2018 School Year.

Several subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and other supporting subjects are taught in English from grade 1 to grade 3
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