Al Fauzien Islamic School was established in 1997 and located in Pesona Depok Estate, Depok. First, started by opening Playgroup and followed by opening Kindergarten a year later. In 2003 to improve the quality of education, Al Fauzien did some restructuration of management, learning methods, facilities and others. In 2004, Al-Fauzien Islamic Primary School was officially established.

in order to improve the quality of education and increase the network of Islamic schools qualification, in April 2015 Al-Fauzien Islamic School has been managed by Yayasan Pesantren Al-Azhar (YPI Al-Azhar) where the headquartered located in the complex of the Great Mosque of Al-Azhar in Jl. Singamangaraja South Jakarta.

In the future, Al-Fauzien Islamic School is expected to be more competitive in all qualities, especially in the spiritual and moral aspects, and also to improve the quality of the competence of global competitiveness.

Al-Fauzien Islamic School
Islamic School in Depok History

Vision and Mission

Al Fauzien Islamic School is an institution that prepares students to be proud of their religion, to have noble characters, be creative, and have global perspective.

Al Fauzien Islamic School facilitates students to become persons who are able to:
1. the basic principles of Islamic thinking, behavior and actions.
2. be a lifelong learner who knows what he/she learned, how to learn and how to practice.
3. apply Critical Thinking when making their choices based on their knowledge.
4. apply their knowledge in solving problems.
5. collaborate in a team and being open to differences.
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Student Profile

1. Islamic Morals

2. Lifelong Learners

3. Critical Thinkers

4. Problem Solvers

5. Collaborative Learners

6. An effective communicator

SCHOOL MOTTO: ... Creative, Care, Tolerant
Islamic School in Depok Student Profile student profile

Educational Level

A.Play Group (3-4 years old)
Conducted by two teachers in the classroom. One main teacher and teacher assistants.

B.Kiddy (4-5 years old)
With Full English Class (FEC) - 25 children / classroom, conducted by 2 (two) teachers who actively speak English. All activities from planning, learning processes, to reporting presented in English, except for religious studies, Art, computers, and Indonesian language.

By joining the FEC students are expected to have basic communication skills in English especially in speaking and listening.

C.Primary grades 1-3: 28 students / classes, a bilingual class is guided by 1 (one) teacher who consistently speak English in the whole process of learning, especially in Math and Science lessons and 1 (one) teacher who speak Indonesian.

D.Primary grade 4-6: 28 students / classes guided by 2 (two) teachers. Most activities are delivered Bahasa with a more structured learning system to prepare the students for national exams. The students also continue introduced to terminology in English terminology especially in Math and Science.
Certain lessons are given by a specialist teacher / fields of study such as: English, Religion, Computers, Art, Music, and Sports
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