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Al Fauzien Islamic School has taken archery into one of the main activity of physical education and adapted for second grader to sixth grader.These continuing classes focus on safety first and making archery fun for students. The programs introduce kids to archery and provide paths to making it a lifetime skill, either through target archery or related activities like bow fishing or bow hunting.
Al Fauzien Islamic School concerned about safety. We’ll be glad to inform the public that archery is an extremely safe sport. In fact, archery is far safer than soccer, baseball and football.
Archery is also great for athletically gifted students, and those who aren’t so athletic. It doesn’t matter how fast you can run or jump. What matters more is a student’s ability to listen and follow instructions. Archery builds focus, discipline and self-confidence; things that benefit all students.
Supporting Activities Archery<br>
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Supporting Activities Archery<br>