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Boy Scout (A Scout / SCOUTING)

In Al-Fauzien, Scouting is one of the main activities that supports curriculum. This activity joined by grade 3 to 5 from Primary level and held every Friday starting at 13.30 – 14.30. Both the scout movement and schools seek to help young people become effective, participating citizens. Scouting does so by embracing practices associated with experiential education, and helps the young people in the movement apply what they learn in school to their own adventures. As such, scouting provides an opportunity to emphasize and apply the content covered in many disciplines, from science and social studies, to consumer education, physical fitness, and service learning initiatives. Here the Scouts learn tie knots, set up a tent, and shoot a bow and arrow. Have you ever sent a secret code to a buddy?Played Ultimate? You can earn rewards for doing these things and more by joining Scouts. Camping is also the annual event for the Scouts.
Supporting Activities Boy Scout (A Scout / SCOUTING)
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Supporting Activities Boy Scout (A Scout / SCOUTING)