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Friday Assembly

The activities of the assembly is an event which was attended by the entire kindergarten and elementary students in every Friday morning. The parents can also see their son/daughter performances by invitation or on scheduled. This event aims to provide an opportunity to be more confident in showing their ability, such as; singing, role play, dancing, display work, presentation, poetry readings, and other activities. Here, the students also practice and trained to be a good listener and audiences as well as appreciate others (audience skill).

In accordance with the main purpose of the assembly, then this activity is not something that should be looked like a spectacular performances on stage entertainment that requires the preparation of a massive and expensive costumes. Students may wear school uniform or clothing brought from home e.g. t-shirt and trousers. When you need a accessories like animal masks, hats, or other decorations, the teacher will make it from materials available at the school along with them.
Supporting Activities Friday Assembly
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Supporting Activities Friday Assembly