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Arabic has a very important role in the life of a Muslim. Why? This is due to the Arabic language is the language of science, both religion and science general science. Most of the books relating to the problem of religious knowledge in Arabic in addition to general books, like today.
We, moslems need to understand the meaning of Al Qur’an in order to do all the obligations in islam.
In learning Arabic, is known there are four skills that students need to have. They are; listening skills (Maharah al istima '), the speaking skills (Maharah al-kalam), reading skills (Maharah al qira'ah), and writing skills (Maharah al kitabah)
That’s why, Al Fauzien Islamic School runs a program called TAMYIZ. Tamyiz is a very simple method on how to translate the Holy Qur’an without the help of dictionary. Why it is easy, because students asked to memorize the letters that are often popped out in the Qur'an by singing. Memorizing through songs help translate easily.
حيانترجم باللغة العربية
Hayya nutarjimu al lughatul arabiyyah, wahid, itsnain, tsalatsah.
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Supporting Activities TAMYIZ