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In Al Fauzien Islamic School, the mothod of Tilawati has already been delivered since 2016. .
This tilawati method uses ross song tones, one of the types of songs used in reading the Quran.
Music or song sung while introducing the hijaiyah letter will help the memory of the students without having to force it to memorize right away
There are several steps that must be applied when the learning method begin.
First, introduce the letters of hijaiyah one by one. The teacher can use teaching aids and ask each of them to write in one letter. By the help of songs, the child will automatically answer with songs. And so on. It is easier for the students to follow the methods taught by the teacher.
The method consists of three stages:
1. Teacher reads, students listen.
2. Teacher reads and students repeat. Need to be underlined because at the time the students imitate the ustadz also accompany or read.
3. Read together with the teachers and students.
The three stages are only valid for the first 15 meetings, for the 16th and subsequent meetings, the stage is only one that is reading together or stage three. That is what is always done every afternoon, during teaching hours in the Quran session. You can adopt it to teach children at home.
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Supporting Activities Tilawati