For 2020-2021
1. Age of students:
Play Group : 2 years and 9 months old on July 2020
Kiddy : 3 years and 9 months old on July 2020
Primary, Year 1 : 5 years and 9 months old on July 2020

2. Registration:
The Enrollment Booklets/form can be purchased from the School Cashier or School Frontliner

3. Documentation:
Enrollment Documents for all students:
  • Completed Enrollment Forms
  • 2 (two) recent headshot photographs, size 3 x 4 cm 1 (one) colored
  • Copy of the candidates’s Birth Certificate
  • Legalized copy of School Reports for the last 3 years * if needed

    4. Assessment:
    Kindergarten – Year 6: Interview between the Principal, student and parents and a one day trial to observe whether the student meets the following requirements:
  • Demonstrates appropriate social and emotional development, behavior and attitude.
  • Demonstrates appropriate motoric skills for his/her age.
  • The school can request the student to complete a second trial day if necessary.

    5. Notification:
    Parents will be notified by the school regarding the trial result approximately 1 (one) week after the trial. AL-Fauzien Islamic School has the right to accept or reject the application of a new student and no correspondence will be entered into
    6. Payment:
    The Development Fee (SP) for one year must be paid before the due date, as stated in the notification letter. If payment is not received by this date, the offer will be revoked.
  • Admission Enrollment
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