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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment methods may include:

• Pre and post testing of a particular concept or area of learning.
• Student/teacher consultation
• Class discussion
• Observation
• Individual/group work
• Projects and assignments
• Checklists
• Individual teacher comment including constructive feedback
• Anecdotal records
• Diagnostic testing
• Professional consultation (with other teachers or specialist staff)
• Profiles or folders containing samples of work.

The school values a variety of reporting formats to ensure parents receive the complete picture of their child’s learning. Each year parents of children from kindergarten to Grade 6 will be provided with 4 (four) written reports on student progress and achievement, including :

• reports that will rate student achievement, effort and behavior using a four point scale and include teacher comments and days absent
• access to parent-teacher interviews each terms, 4 times a year
• For Primary Level, on the 3rd term Parents are asked to join the student-led conference format. Here students and teachers prepare together, and then students lead the conference while teachers facilitate. The triad then sits together to review and discuss the work and the on the 3rd student’s progress. The message, once again, is that the students are responsible for their own success. Student-led conference models vary, but the premise is the same: This is the student’s moment to share his or her reflections on achievements and challenges.

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