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Al Fauzien Podcast, We Are here to Broadcast

Alhamdulillah, Al Fauzien Islamic School officially released Al Fauzien Podcast on Friday August 26th 2022.

Why Podcast? When Al Fauzien actually has already driven so many programs that enhance students’ communication skill?

That’s right, we have Talent and Interest Center (TIC)  where we enhance Every child talents and interests.

Podcasts allow students to practice their listening comprehension of complex texts that are both conversational and formal, and the corresponding transcripts enable students to confirm their success. And not to mentioned the way they behave in front of their audience.

Podcasts are in great demand among listeners because they present a light, interesting, and in-depth discussion process towards the point of view of the person speaking compared to radio broadcasts in general.

Podcasts include many people's favorite digital media content.  Podcasts can be listened to for any purpose, from entertainment to increasing knowledge. Moreover, listening  to podcasts is also very easy, you can visit various platforms to listen to podcasts for  free

Podcasts can be one of the learning media formats that can be used synchronously and asynchronously with various advantages.

Through Podcast the nature of audio is imaginative. This will train learners to imagine in their creative process. Teachers can invite students to imagine the learning material.

Through podcasts, we don't consume much data quota.

The trend of podcasts is on the rise, especially in the younger generation, but unfortunately not many educational institutions have realized the need to use podcasts. The more educational institutions produce podcasts, the more digital assets they have.

Through Podcast We Al Fauzien expect to simply share the podcast link with students. On the school or campus website, links can be displayed so as to increase the amount of content. For schools and campuses that already have an online learning system platform, podcast links can be linked on the platform. This will enrich the learning content

So, we are here to develop the learning program and help our society to also learn through Podcast from the variety topics we bring.

We are Al Fauzien Islamic School.

Al Fauzien Podcast, we are here to Broadcast.


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