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The Virtual Generation, Keep Breaking Through

It has been 2 years in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we took the idea of having virtual graduation. That is also included graduation for the class of 2021.

This year, class of 2021, called their year "The Virtual Generation, Keep Breaking Through" and held the graduation on Saturday, June 12, 2021.
Although the event called virtual, we actually deliver the show hybridly.

While wearing masks and maintaining physical distance a hybrid graduation chosen as the best offers of both worlds. We have a chance to connect, but also an opportunity to expand our reach and celebrate with an additional online presence.

Some of 6th graders invited to join the zoom meeting watched from their homes while some are invited to come as the representatives of their year. They all were honored during ceremonies streamed live from Multi Purposes Hall Al Fauzien Islamic School.

The graduation ceremony that included a pre-recorded speech followed by live welcome and opening remarks and a pre-recorded special performance from the 6th graders together with their teachers and parents. The live Presentation of Six Grade Students announcing each student individually.

It also announced 4 (four) different award based on category of achievement.
Here are the awards.

1The Valedictorian of 2020-2021 Queenadra Razade Niti Bachtiar

210 Best Students given to - - Kaila Adena Ismartunus
- Brian Ahmed Noah
- Jihan Duma Fidela
- Galih Nadindra Kinasih
- Nafisa Mahdiya Rizkyaningdyah
- Safira Khairani
- Fatiha Almira Santoso
- Muhammad Zaidan Alif Rafansyah
- Fahhama Siti Athayya Khomeiny Tara
- Muhammad Rafka Darma Putra

3A Special Appreciation for Memorizing Quran awarded to Aliya Nazifa Rizki

4A Special Appreciation for Designing the Class of 2021 Icon awarded to Muhammad Aletta Gadi Ahdan

It was awesome virtual graduation for class of 2021.

Once again Congratulation Grade 6.
You have colored an amazing year virtually yet in reality.
Embrace the challenges of your future.
You are the leaders of tomorrow, the movers of society, the people of the future. But remember, it doesn’t just end there. Just follow the way
Livestream studio
Multi Puspose Hall - Al Fauzien Islamic School

June 12, 2021

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